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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

I want to start this announcement of new beginnings by thanking everyone for your interest in my work over the years.

My new website and this blog mark the start of something new for me. I will use this blog to share my experiences from decades in woodworking through stories about the interesting challenges I've discovered in the process of turning ideas into art. I'll be writing about all aspects of woodworking, from designing furniture, to delving into staircases, to dreaming up art projects, to discussing wood as a building material, even to occasional techniques for building something. I'll be trying to focus on the unusual stuff!

If you want to learn more about the stories behind some of my projects or general musings about wood and woodworking, then subscribe to my list HERE (at the bottom of this page) and you will be notified of new stories as I write them.

Finally, I am branching out from furniture into large outdoor pieces. My favorite fields of interest are art, design, engineering, and woodworking, and I am enjoying dreaming up projects that combine these loves in new ways. My website shows a few initial such Art Projects in the Portfolio section. If you have ideas you want to share, if you want to commission a project, or if you just want to discuss this new career focus, please start by getting in touch on my contact page.

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I didn't know you were doing a blog! Sign me up!



Cool! Looking forward to it!



I think this is a great idea and look forward to future posts!

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